Learning to Tab on a Ukulele

My Ukulele lessons started 2 1/2 months ago after encouraging my son to learn an instrument. He chose the Ukulele 1) because we had one tucked away in the closet and 2) it’s smaller than a Guitar.

At first I thought ‘What a boring instrument’ BUT (as any good mother would be) I was stoked to see my son show an interest in any musical instrument :-). We signed up for some online lessons with Ukulele Underground where we progressed really quickly – the monthly subscription is pretty good too.

As I learned more and saw how others (on YouTube) played, my interest grew. I discovered one of the most amazing and inspirational Ukulele players – Jake Shimabukuro. He performed this song (and, with all of his other arrangements) I was like ‘What the…. that’s coming from a Ukulele. I have to learn it, master it and then keep learning it. It’s coming along nicely, I’m even surprising myself. Perhaps one day I’ll become that ‘Cool Uke Player’ but for now I’ll set milestones like this song and own it. You’ll definitely be hearing me in the near future.

Enjoy Jake’s live performance below, it’ll make you envious. I wouldn’t be surprised if you went out and bought a Uke too 🙂