Credit: Typography by Louileeb

Aroha (love for the people)

Kia ora, I’m a piece-of-art that’s chock-full of aroha (love) in every sense of the word. Depending on how you choose to take me, I might seem serious and deep, or a light bit of carefree cheek. But I’m both of those things, and everything in between. I’m love on all levels. Love thy friend, [...]

Hand Lettered Quote

After completing my hand lettering course earlier this year I offered my skills up as a Facebook promotion for ApolloNation to help increase our ‘Facebook Likers’. This promo was open to internal staff of Dentsu Aegis Network (Auckland). We have 80+ employees. We gained a 25% increase in our facebook likes and a lot of [...]

Chur-p Chur-p

Q: What did the cheeky fantail say as he took-off with the sea-gull’s bread-crust? A: Chur-p chur-p. ‘Chur-p chur-p’ is a common catch-phrase amongst New Zealand’s cutest native birds. Display this artwork around your home and soon … all of your visitors will be saying it too. Chur-p chur-p. Credit: A collaborative piece-of-work by Louileeb [...]


‘Kea-ora’ is a tongue-in-beak rip-off of the classic Maori greeting ‘Kia-ora’. Did you know Kia-ora can mean many different things including ‘hello’, ‘cheers’, ‘good-luck’, and even ‘best-wishes’? New Zealand’s native birds use Kea-Ora in just the same ways. Display this colourful Kiwi artwork around your home and soon … all of your visitors will be [...]