Why processes and systems shouldn’t bog you down.

The key to a successful streamlined workflow is having people on board who can embrace change (for the better) in order to create a clear & hassle-free communication line between the design & client service teams.

Yes, there are the details of processes and systems that need tweaking or sometimes overhauling in order to get to this stage but it’s the people which ultimately make your systems work.

So, how do we get buy-in from ‘the people’?

#1: Get buy-in from the decision makers of both teams (Creative Director & Client Service Director) and possibly the General Manager. They will help carry the same message to their team members. Try not to freak the managers out with too many details (remember, they’ll need to communicate your changes to their teams). It needs to be clear, concise and do-able.

#2: Learn how the company operates. Ask questions (from key employees) on what would make their lives easier BUT still get the job done.

#3: Take baby steps with these changes. Gain trust. Tidy up the obvious issues (filing, archiving, naming conventions, job numbers etc).

#4: Re-iterate the importance of doing the small stuff (filing, archiving, naming conventions, job numbers etc).

#5: Make changes for the better. If something is not working as well, ask yourself, how can I make it better? Will these changes cause undue stress within the teams? Will it be simple to follow? Is it worth it?

#6: Stay positive. Let’s be honest, it’s challenging to make changes to your workflow. When done right it can mean fewer mistakes which equal greater profit. Can mean a decrease in excessive overtime which equates to happier employees who will want to have fun in the workplace. There’s many benefits to sorting out your workflow and I think this quote is fitting for this job.

‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.’